2D Statistical Model Explorer

VOSM2DExplorer has moved from SourceForge to Github. It is used to demonstrate the 2D shape model, texture model (both single channel or three channel), by loading the traineddata trained from VOSM

  1. JAI (jai_codec.jar, jai_core.jar)
  2. Jama (Jama-1.0.3.jar)
  3. Jmathtools (jmatharray.jar, jmathio.jar)
  4. MigLayout (miglayout-4.0.jar)
  5. SWT (swt.jar)
  6. Java3D (vecmath.jar)
  • Then only thing you need to do is just to “load a model” by specifying the traineddata folder that you obtained from VOSM. Then, just enjoy pulling those sliders or manually typing those parameters and pressing enter. You can also save a self-made animated face, and load it again in the future.
  • In addition, “Face Area” shows the number of pixels within the face, since this area varies by specifying different shape parameters.
  • You can view the demo on Youtube.