Pei JIA: Founder

Dr. Pei JiA is known as the founder of Vision Open Working Group, and was the key software architect/developer of the open sources VOSM (C++) and VOSM2DExplorer (Java), etc. He obtained his PhD degree from University of Essex, UK, and is now working as the COO in Longer Vision Technology (Canada) Ltd. His research interests cover image/video processing, computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition, embedded systems and robotics, etc.

XuJun Peng: Co-Founder

Dr. XuJun Peng is one of the co-founders of Vision Open Working Group. He successfully applied VOSM in his current research on document analysis. He obtained his PhD degree from SUNY, Buffalo, USA, and is currently employed as a research scientist in Raytheon BBN technologies, USA. His research interests cover image processing, pattern recognition & machine learning, document analysis, etc.

Peng Lu: Co-Founder

Dr. Peng Lu is one of the co-founders of Vision Open Working Group. He is specialized in AAM research. Meanwhile, he is a forerunner who started his private business early in 2006, in which he used to lead a small team after having obtained his PhD degree from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. Afterwards, he continued his post doc research in Beijing University. Now, he is working as a full-time lecturer in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

SuJing Wang: Senior Scientist

Mr. SuJing Wang is a senior scientist at Vision Open Working Group. As a disabled person, his perseverant attitude towards scientific research moved a lot of researchers and scientists in China. He obtained his PhD degree from JiLin University, and has finished his post doc research in Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science. A brief introduction about him can be found in the following TV show Without a doubt, his participation has brought fresh air to Vision Open. And, till now, he has published dozens of papers in top-level international journals as well as conferences. His research interests cover pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining, conceptual lattice, etc. He also applied VOSM in his research on automatic age estimation.

Peng Chen: Research Engineer

Mr. Peng Chen is now working as a senior software engineer in PreXion, Japan. He used to work in Shanghai Isvision Technologies Co,.Ltd. He graduated as a M.Sc. from Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, China, and then actively quitted the PhD study with full financial aid in Japan. His research interests cover multi-view face detection, 3D panorama reconstruction, etc..

Wei Yao: Research Engineer

Mr. Wei Yao graduated as a M.Sc. from Department of Computer Science & Technology, Nanjing University, China in 2009. He is now working in the 3rd research institute, The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai, China. His research interests cover pattern recognition, computer vision, particularly, he is specialized in face detection, face feature localization using ASMs and AAMs, face tracking, face recognition, etc. He has been maintaining two great open source on statistical models ASMLibrary and AAMLibrary.